You may need to find a bridge from poverty to riches. Or from ignorance to knowledge. From confusion to understanding. Illness to health.

Then again, all that we reach there is malleable; ready to throw down a new bridge, impatient for the crossing.

But perhaps the most meaningful bridge reaches from yearning to contentment; from unfulfilled desire to grateful acceptance. To end the constant internal struggle for excellence; for something better, more worthy or more grandiose. The yearning to be cheered for our talents; when all that raise such acclaim are peripheral, inconsequential in our little lives.

All there is is the beauty of now. The willingness to invest in today. The courage to commit to a new adventure of some kind, today. And see what happens.

Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. It will come – but for today, we don’t know what sort of bridge, or why we might need to cross it.

Just rest here on the road of life. Get up when you’re ready.

Find something to do, and see what happens.


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