Creative patch

Annie enjoys creative writing (link to poetry book below), photography, fitness & yoga (free videos for your home practice on YouTube), crafting jewellery and visiting the beach.

  • Free yoga and exercise videos can be found on YouTube.
Fitzroy Flow
  • Articles on health and fitness can be found on Blogger.
  • Photography and art are available on Redbubble.
  • Crafts can be viewed on my site, Tideline Gifts.
  • Please get in touch via the Contact tab if you’d like to request a design 🙂
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    Sunset at Currumbin

    Annie has directed Ascension Editing for over 10 years; specialising in psychometric report writing and editing. You can connect with Annie on LinkedIn.

    Ascension is a small island in the South Atlantic, and Annie’s birthplace. Ascension also carries the meaning of ‘rising to a higher level’.

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