Welcome! I want to help you do business better; to look good. I realise that you need to work within budget, while understanding the value of good work and the difference it makes.

My service means that you only pay for the time it takes to get the job done—there is no waste of time, energy or resources; as I listen, work efficiently and deliver to your requirements. I freelance, and you don’t need to pay for anything other than the time I need to offer the service you require. I only work with clients whose integrity and intent aligns with my own values, and as such I share your commitment to positive outcomes. I want to know you, to build a lasting relationship and to work with you to create content that reflects who you are—delivering a targeted message for your audience in a professional manner. And I will maintain confidentiality with regard to each and every aspect of your intellectual property.

Ascension Editing takes pride in offering flexible, prompt and affordable writing, editing and formatting services, with a real commitment to each client’s satisfaction. I believe that attractive presentation along with concise, targeted writing separates winning work; whether that work involves reporting, web content, course material, a stand-out resume or a beautifully presented, flawless proposal.

Background A unique combination of diverse organisational experience and up-to-date expertise in writing and editing enables me to offer writing and editing encompassing newsletters, websites and the corporate world. In addition, I offer formatting skills complemented by the successful completion of four modules in Graphic Design with the Commercial Arts Training College. I further offer expert analysis of assessment results and compelling psychometric report writing; covering participants and candidates from different cultural backgrounds. I am truly interested in ongoing learning and personal growth, and work hard to be an expert in my field (having achieved high distinctions and distinctions in all subjects of the Graduate Certificate in Editing & Publishing,USQ 2007, and a high distinction and distinction for the two subjects completed toward a Masters degree in 2014). I understand business needs; having worked in various capacities with stakeholders including managing directors, consultants, teachers, principals, administrators and data entry staff.… Prior to establishing Ascension Editing, Annie was the Communications Editor for SHL (a highly successful global HR Consulting Organisation), providing expert editing and formatting services to the Australian and New Zealand businesses. As SHL’s Communications Editor, Annie had ultimate responsibility for the quality, consistency and presentation of a range of documentation for the business. This included editing and formatting of templates, proposals, high-level reports (for clients including the Australian Public Service Commission and major banks), training documentation and promotional material. Since operating as an independent consultant, Annie has delivered editing and formatting training to SHL’s administrative team, covering topics such as using macros to facilitate adherence to corporate style guides. During her career, Annie gained valuable professional services experience spanning industries including Market Research (Quality Assurance, Supervising, Editing, and Executive Assistance in Australia and New Zealand), Health & Fitness (as a Trainer with Reebok Instructors Alliance, Fitness Manager, and Group Fitness Instructor in South Africa, the Netherlands and Australia) and Engineering (Drafting). Annie’s love of writing, editing and design meant that these aspects of each role were consistently afforded strong attention. Annie will take on an assignment where her skill will make a difference to her client, and she prefers to engage with clients who value having a grammar sheriff and wordsmith; and appreciate the difference that neat, attractive presentation makes. Ascension is a small island in the South Atlantic, and Annie’s birthplace. Ascension also carries the meaning of ‘rising to a higher level’.

Ethos: Integrity, quality and respect Ascension Editing’s services come with the ethos of integrity, quality and respect. We respect your needs and your confidentiality, and guarantee integrity and quality in the service we deliver.